For Prospective Families & Educators

How are credits assigned?

A 2-semester course equals 1 credit. A 1-trimester course equals .5 credits. Afternoons and Evening Arts are a required part of our program, but do not contribute to a student’s academic credits.

How many courses do students take in a trimester?

Putney students take, on average, 4 academic courses in a trimester, and each course meets for 5 hours per week over 4 class periods. A student may occasionally opt to have a “free block” to ease their work-load or accommodate tutoring sessions in a specific trimester, in which case she would have 3 academic courses in a trimester. 

What’s your grading policy?

See our page on grades.

How do college and universities view a Putney application?

Each fall over 70 college admissions representatives come to visit The Putney School campus. Through this direct contact with Putney students and faculty, our outreach to schools, and the Putney School Profile sent with each student's transcript, colleges and universities become more and more informed and enthusiastic about the unique educational curriculum our school provides. Project Weeks, Jobs, Evening Arts, Afternoons, and Senior Exhibitions all combine to highlight the academic rigor, creative intensity, and integrated nature of Putney. We frequently hear feedback from colleges about how independent, articulate, self-motivated, and well-rounded Putney students are in relation to all of the high school students they meet in their travels.

How many Evening Arts does a student take?

Students take Evening Arts twice a week from 7:30-9 PM on Monday through Friday nights. This may mean a single class that meets for two evenings, or two different classes that meet on different evenings. Students change their Evening Arts classes twice a year.

What are athletics like?

Afternoons offers a variety of ways for students to be physically active, including an array of competitive sports, recreational sports, dance, work, and outdoor activities. Students must participate for a minimum of four afternoons per week for two seasons and two afternoons per week for the third. At least two afternoons each trimester must be spent in a physical activity. In addition to athletic and fitness activities, Afternoons also include activities offered in the Afternoon Work Program.

I still have questions, who should I contact?

Feel free to contact the Admission Office at 802.387.6219.