Theater, Dance, Meditative & Culinary Arts

The Evening Arts Program extends the artistic and creative possibilities by providing a wide range of arts-based classes after dinner. It is an opportunity for students to try something entirely new or to delve more deeply into an art form for which they have already developed a passion. While active participation is required, these classes are ungraded. The classes meet from 7:30-9 PM either once or twice per week, and students are required to participate at least two evenings per week. The Evening Arts program operates in two sessions: Fall and Winter/Spring. Unless otherwise noted, classes run during both sessions.

Ballroom Dance


We will dance a social partnered style of ballroom to learn how to lead and follow, as well as step patterns, and rhythms, with a focus on the smooth dances: Foxtrot, Waltz, East Coast Swing, West Coast Swing, and Tango. Making it fun will be a central theme while learning how to use our body and communicate with a partner. Leaders and followers need not be gender specific. In fact, it is great to learn both parts.

Botanical Workshop

We will prepare and create natural and herbal products by using 100% raw materials including herbs, plants and vegetables that are available on campus and some others from the school gardens. We will start with researching and finding ingredients for everything from body creams to teas.  We will make everything from scratch and finish our products by considering labels and packaging.

Culinary Arts


Developing a repertoire of basic cooking skills and educating the palate are life-long endeavors. This activity will take a hands on approach to the world of cooking, food and taste. We will begin class by learning a basic cooking or baking skill that will be used as a foundation for our exploration. Each week will focus on a different Latin American country and dish. We will also learn about the culture of food through related historical, social, political and artistic materials. Weekly tastings will be an important part of the activity and we often have food to share. Join us for a tour of Latin America through food!

Dance Ensemble

2 evenings

Dance Ensemble offers experienced dancers the opportunity to be part of a community of dedicated dancers. We will choreograph new dances, adding to our company repertoire for performances in the winter and spring Dance Concerts, as well as “on tour” at local venues. Although offered as an Evening Activity, rehearsals are held on Wednesday, from 1:30-4:30. Dancers need permission from the instructors. Full year commitment is preferred.

Dunham Technique Jazz Dance


The Dunham Technique is a vibrant fusion of Haitian and African dance, jazz, modern and ballet. This class will introduce the fundamentals of the technique, including barre work and progressions created by modern dance pioneer Katherine Dunham. The focus will be on joy of dancing, alignment, strength, flexibility, energy rhythm and fun!

Hip hop


Students in the Hip-Hop class work to increase rhythmic awareness and timing while exploring a full range of body mechanics. Student learn the basics of Hip Hop, incorporate Break dancing, Pop-Locking, Freezes, Power Moves and a touch of Jazz. No previous experience necessary



Latin Dance


Students will learn some basic footwork, dance positions, and connections between partners. A partner is recommended but not required. Ability to play leader and follower is a plus. Students will also focus on learning the basics of Salsa, Merengue, Cumbia, and more.


This aim of this activity is to cultivate mindfulness, which is defined as present-moment awareness. We will learn how to pay attention, in the present moment, to whatever arises, in a non-judgmental way. The awareness that comes out of paying attention in this way allows us to center ourselves and to develop clarity of mind and stability. We will cultivate mindfulness through practices such as gentle stretching, eating, sitting and walking meditation. We will also learn ways in which we can bring mindfulness into our daily lives. We will reflect on these practices through discussion.

Performance Art


This class explores the ways in which various forms of performance inspire political and social change. We will learn how artists have used performance as protest, from the Dada movement to Lennon & Ono’s famous “Bed-in for Peace” and today’s highly-debated performances such as Beyoncé’s “Formation” half-time show.  Students will try out “performance” in their daily actions and on a larger scale through theatre, movement, and dance in hopes of sparking dialogue and creating expressive work.



In this class students learn the basic elements of tap and refine them with a musical theater focus. Students will explore rhythm and sound in a fun and physical setting. No experience necessary just a desire to dance and learn.


2 evenings

All students, faculty, and staff are invited to audition for the fall and winter/spring productions. A comedy or drama is rehearsed during the fall term and is performed the last four days of the fall Project Weeks. The spring musical is rehearsed in the winter and spring and performed at the end of the spring Project Weeks. Students are expected to devote some time to memorization and review throughout the week. Most cast members should expect to meet on Sunday afternoons during most of the fall and spring trimesters. The theater activity will continue during Project Week as a double project, but students are encouraged to do another independent project.

Tribal Fusion Belly Dance


This dance class draws inspiration from the nomadic and Romani groups of northern India, North Africa, the Middle East, and Spain. Music ranging from traditional Middle Eastern to Arab-American-Balkan Electronica drives each class. The movement is funky and strong utilizing torso isolations and a literal interpretation of rhythm and melody. All are welcome